Portable renewable power station

I’ve been testing a new power station, with great results. Recently, I used it to power the inductive cooktop while I made a big (mostly plant-based, entirely solar-powered) lunch for five hungry people.

On a single charge, it’ll power our least efficient air filter for >3 days, our deep freezer for >2 days on the least efficient setting, and our internet connection for a week.

We can charge it from household power, our portable solar panels, or even the electric car.

Ready for unreliable power in smoky times! No need to exacerbate the climate crisis with fossil fuel generators.

The folding PV panel shown is an EcoFlow branded 110W unit, and was in practice producing 95W for me despite the fact that I didn’t position it carefully. I also have separate 100W and 50W panels, which will also work since the EcoFlow power station makes it easy to use the common MC4 connectors. The power station (EcoFlow Delta) can take up to 400W of PV input.

The battery has a little over 1.2kWh of capacity. On the low end of serious, but it provides enough for my household’s daily energy budget while staying within my financial budget. It can provide 1.8kW sustained, and burst to 3.3kW.

Specs: https://ecoflow.com/products/ecoflow-delta-power-station