Looking Beyond Tomorrow is a blog about sustainable communities. It is unabashedly optimistic and opinionated, tempered with a streak of pragmatism.

Its primary contributor, Graham Freeman, has spent his 20+-year career building, nurturing, and protecting sustainable communities.

He has deployed reliable wireless internet connections in the Great Basin Desert and at conferences, built fast & resilient networks for thousands of people in dozens of offices, defined the security practices of a large multinational solar power company, built resilience and security best practices into university networks, and blended kindness with high expectations in his board service and community engagement.

His favourite short-term consulting gig was to advise Associação Saúde Criança Renascer on how to use SMS to measure outcomes in their work with the impoverished residents of Brazil’s favelas. His favourite long-term professional engagement was helping to start and build LocalWiki.

In 2002, Graham co-presented an invited talk about a capacity-building NGO at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. In February 2005, he served as an invited panelist at a Stanford University conference on building global civil society. During his time at a multinational solar power company, he delivered engaging and effective talks on security best practices to hundreds of staff. Graham regularly gives talks and leads workshops on community-focused security best practices.

Graham enjoys fatherhood, sea kayaking, e-bikes, sustainable communities, and zeppelin-themed whimsy.

Graham in Rovinj