Ripple effect

In the days leading up to an annual skill-share camp, I emailed the group to offer the use of my collection of rechargeable batteries and chargers. My stated goal was to reduce the use of throwaway batteries. My ulterior motives were to raise awareness of reusables, and to put my collection of rechargeable batteries to … More Ripple effect

Arbutus Greenway

The Arbutus Greenway is an already-wonderful and continuously-improving walking+bike trail in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada, hey) that connects and improves many of the city’s neighborhoods and business districts. At 11km and growing, it’s a meaningful part of the cityscape. There are many bike share stations along the way. The bike share pricing is best-suited to residents, … More Arbutus Greenway

Personal IT Security

This is what I recommend for personal electronic security in the US in 2017. Use the one best product for a particular function, Phone: iPhone Desktop or laptop: Mac Email: Gmail Web browser: Chrome with uBlock Origin ad-blocking Evaluate each for possible replacement every 2-3 years,  Enable automatic software updates,  Use web-based services (do use … More Personal IT Security

Ohlone Greenway

The Ohlone Greenway is a bike+walking trail that connects Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, and Richmond in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. It provides access to parks, transit stations, schools, libraries, business districts, and residential neighborhoods. During our years in Berkeley, my family enjoyed many walks and bike rides on the Ohlone Greenway. Many times, biking … More Ohlone Greenway

Internet access in Berkeley, California

Internet service is an essential part of our everyday lives, which means that it's important to choose your internet service provider (ISP) wisely. Recommended: and is a Berkeley-based WISP (wireless internet service provider) with an excellent track record for providing reliable, speedy, and customer-friendly service. They also provide service to San Francisco, … More Internet access in Berkeley, California